PinePhone UBports Community Edition Pre-Orders Now Open

Lukasz Erecinski Apr 2. 2020 44

PinePhone UBports Community Edition mock-up; final product may differ in appearance.

I am proud to announce that the PinePhone UBports Community Edition is now available for pre-order with an estimated shipping date of late-May, 2020. Community editions are meant to bring exposure to partner-projects operating systems and communities, as well as help finance ongoing development. 

UBports were some of the very first to embrace our initiative and to offer support for the PinePhone. Together with their friends and colleagues from other projects, UBports developers have now become an integral part of PINE64, actively shaping our goals and aspirations. It is therefore fitting that UBports Foundation will be the first partner in our Community Edition scheme, in which we will ship a customized PinePhone with UBports’ operating system and donate all profit from sales to the foundation (more information on the scheme here). 

The PinePhone UBports Community Edition ships with a customized case (etched with the project’s mascot – Yumi),  a revised PCB (v1.2) featuring improvements based on feedback from Braveheart developers and testers, as well as CE and FCC certification.    

To learn about the state of the software and to pre-order this community edition the PinePhone, please click the button below – you will be redirected to UBports blog.

44 responses to “PinePhone UBports Community Edition Pre-Orders Now Open”

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    Thanx for the good work!

    Is there any page on the implemented hardware changes of this edition compared to Braveheart? cf. the list of “errata” in the wiki for the braveheart edition?

    Very exited about this. One slight issue though – I can’t buy one from your webstore!

    When I go to checkout I get the following message:
    “There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.”

    I had this same issue at the beginning of the week when trying to buy a Pinebook and it was fixed, but seems to be broken again 🙁

    I’m in the UK BTW

    Lukasz Erecinski says:

    Yes. The shipments of devices and peripherals are split up because of restrictions that apply during the pandemic.

    Johannes Rohr says:

    … this almost doubles the shipping costs. Isn’t China going back to normal? I guess that until the devices are ready for shipping, this restriction will be lifted, don’t you think so? Knowing myself I sure don’t want to have a phone without a case, but I also don’t want to pay for something that at the time of delivery won’t be needed anymore.

    marderbot13 says:

    Would it be possible to install any of the other distributions? What are the changes compared to braveheart? Would this be the final version of the pinephone?

    tak tak, wiemy ze mozna zainstalowac cos innego. Pytanie brzmi czy beda wychodzic telefony tylko z zainstalowanym ubuntu touch czy tez z innym os?

    Lukasz Erecinski says:

    Eventually we’ll have most, if not all, partner projects participate in the community edition scheme

    Cameron Goddard says:

    I have a Braveheart edition (1.1) Now that the Community edition has been released (1.2), does that render my 1.1 edition redundant? I note whole heap of hardware issues that have been identified I see there are fixes for them. I’m not technical enough to address them myself. I can obviously load the Community version of UBPorts onto the device, but will I be forever hampered by issues put right in 1.2?

    Brian Aberts says:

    @Cameron Yes, but you can always upgrade the motherboard of the Pinephone braveheart once they start selling the revised boards.

    Bill Cousins says:

    WOW !
    Another excited Brave Heart owner here.
    I hope they post the revisions on the changes to this new phones hardware.
    So UT is at a usable point now, a bit rough around the edges, and in need of some App’s
    They have made a LOT of progress in this last month,
    now they have about 2 months to polish UT for a good impression to the world …
    Exciting, BCnAZ

    Lukasz Erecinski says:

    This one will be difficult, since ‘a-wai’ build doesn”t really belong to a project. I’ll think on it however.

    dkdkkds says:

    >Debian and other distro.

    Bardzo dużo pytań czy taki lub inny system będzie na telefonie. Trudno tez na to pytanie odpowiedzieć. Czy można poprosic programistów by podali jakis kontakt, gdzie zadawać takie pytania? Konkretnie adres lub link. Wtedy wygłodniali uzytkownicy zrobią juz odpowiedni ruch. A Pine zajmie się sprawami sprzętowymi 😉

    Ciągle uważam, że procesor lub pamięć i procesor jest za słaba do tego telefonu. Albo systemy trzeba przepisać. Bo to działa wolno. Za wolno. Możew warto rozejrzeć się czy zmiana procesora nie będzie możliwa już w tej rewizji? Może po prostu więcej rdzeni wystarczy? Nie mam pojęcia. Pisze jako ostatni użyszkodnik

    adresy opiekunów konkretnych dystrybucji poproszę.
    gdzie wysłać prośbe o fedore po polsku? gdzie wysłac prośbe o gento?

    Lukasz Erecinski says:

    Thats a question for Martijn from pmOS not me – it will be their choice what they want to ship with their edition when that happens

    Just curious, are all of the hardware issues fixed for this version or will there be another version after this? Also, if not all the hardware issues are fixed would there be another community version where it is the finalized hardware? Thanks for your time.

    Brian Aberts says:

    @Hank This version has a ton of hardware fixes. It will also be the final version of the hardware, especially since they did the certification testing with this motherboard version.

    Ponownie proszę by jeden telefon wysłać do Linusa Torwaldsa.

    Co do pudełka to uważam, że telefon powinien miec miejsce na smycz lub przymocowanie jakiegoś rodzaju smyczy,sznurka dyndadełka. Pozwala to lepiej i pewniej trzymac telefon szczególnie przy sliskich lub spoconych dłoniach.

    No i brak tłumaczenia tekstowego w wideo. Znów powiedzą, że nie da się dzwonic z telefonu 😉 bo nie pokazali (tylko że coś się wyświetla) dużo gadania mało pokazywania

    Cameron Goddard says:

    Lukasz, are you able to confirm that you will be selling 1.2 motherboards in the future so those of us with Bravehearts will be able to upgrade?

    Lukasz Erecinski says:

    Yes, can confirm this. All spare parts with the exception of the battery* will be available for purchase in the store at some point.

    *battery will also be available for purchase, but only in the US.

    Yes, can confirm this. All spare parts with the exception of the battery* will be available for purchase in the store at some point.

    *battery will also be available for purchase, but only in the US

    Will this eventually change to the rest of the world? Or will spare batteries only be available in the US? (which would not be great or to be expected…)

    Przepraszam, ale po co robić tablet? Wywalcie po prostu klawiaturę, wstawcie to co jest z laptopa do obudowy. (Można zrobić opakowanie podstawkę z panelem słonecznym)
    i to wszystko. Ja chcę miec sprzęt, na którym zainstaluje dowolna dystrybucję, niech działa ze 20h na jednym ładowaniu, a klawiaturę podepne kabelkiem lub w ostateczności BT.
    Wzrok już nie ten i tablet 7 cali to nie jest komfort pracy. Musze mieć większą powierzchnię. Tylko ta klawiatura w laptopie jest do bani. Zróbcie po prostu zwykłe opakowanie bez klawiatury. Wiele osób chętnie kupi dodatkowy ekran, porządny akumulator, przetestowane bebechy i spokój.
    ssh + rust + vi i po co więcej?

    have they fixed the bug where it turns on when you plug it into the power cord? not sure about this, i was told with another electronic device that if that happened it was due to something being hooked up wrong on the board and they replaced it. iphones do it, but my android devices do not. it may be designed that way but it is a pain in the arse when you want to charge it overnight unless you remember to plug it in first, then turn it off.

    Derrick says:

    I’m excited to begin experimenting with this phone, is there an update on the shipping date?

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