Pinebook Pro pre-orders open with shipping in August 2020.

Lukasz Erecinski Jul 20. 2020 18

Hello everyone,

I’m sure many of you will be happy to hear that the next round of Pinebook Pro pre-orders have now opened. This production-run is expected to ship in late August, 2020. Both ISO and ANSI keyboards are available. If the Pinebook Pro is something you’ve been waiting for,ย  then click the button below.

In case you missed it, we’ve had some big announcements earlier this month.

Have a lovely day and a great start to the week!

18 responses to “Pinebook Pro pre-orders open with shipping in August 2020.”

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    Good Luck Pine64 I hope this is a big batch and you sell a lot of units!
    Wish you better QA and less hardware issues than the previous one.

    I’m sorry, but unfrotunately I can’t get one now because shipping + VAT (tax) makes the price 300$ for me ๐Ÿ™
    which is not small/little in my part of the world.

    I need to exit my Hwawei. Though I find the new Huawei OS sufficient I have a long relationship with UNIX and Linux. What Linux developers do is wonderful and the apps posted on the Git hub are a constant pleasure. Ubuntu Touch! So cell! If you see a PinePhone for sale, Braveheart or whatever email me. Diego,

    Mr. Andersen says:

    Just got mine and the first impression is OFF THE HOOK!
    Who needs corporate vendors when this is possible?

    Everything works great so far, love the keyboard and the display. Thank you PINE64, for this amazing piece of hardware!

    Mr. Andersen says:

    It’s Manjaro. And it’s working perfectly out of the box, so I see no reason to replace it. What a strange and wonderful feeling ๐Ÿ˜‚

    I’ve been running Arch on one of my machines for a few years, and it runs alot like that one but with zero time spent configuring the hardware. It really feels like I won something…

    I tend to use Ubuntu for work for the sheer simplicity, but I certainly don’t miss the that… Canonical feeling in a personal machine. So this setup has made me very happy. Hopefully you will enjoy it too.

    Can’t remember the last time I had no urge to change the default wallpaper on a new machine ๐Ÿ˜‰

    PS: Seems like this machine has the potential to make users (well, at least me) feel something about it, and that effect should not be underestimated!

    Yes I am way happy to have been informed that my new Pine64 is cruising across the Pacific to my address in Canada. Unfortunatly I have had three flights cancelled to Canada so I will have to trans-ship it to my headquarters here in Costa Rica. Sigh. Can’t wait.

    Mr. Andersen says:

    You could always open it up and disconnect the antenna physically I suppose… I am not a hardware engineer tho, so I suggest you try asking around or locate a guide online – and please be careful with your beautiful new piece of kit. Congrats!

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