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admin Dec 1. 2020 36

We are pleased to announce that the KDE Community Edition (CE) PinePhone is now available for pre-order. This edition of the PinePhone ships with a tailored build of Plasma Mobile built upon Manjaro Linux, and it is the culmination of ongoing efforts to bring the popular Plasma desktop environment to the smartphone. 

To learn more about Plasma Mobile please visit the project’s website. To better understand your options for running Plasma Mobile on the PinePhone and the current state of development (at the time of writing) I encourage you to read the development team’s blog post on this subject matter.  

This community edition will ship in a custom presentation box designed by the Plasma Mobile team, and the PinePhone itself will feature a KDE logo on the back-cover (see renders for reference).

This PinePhone CE will be available in two hardware configurations:

  • $149 — 2GB RAM; 16GB eMMC
  • $199 — 3GB RAM; 32GB eMMC (includes a bundled USB-C dock)

Both configurations of the KDE CE PinePhones feature rev. 1.2b PCBA. The $199 hardware variant, called convergence package, also features a USB-C dock equipped with 10/100 Ethernet, 2x USB type A ports, HDMI digital video output and power-in via USB-C.

We will donate $10 per unit sold to KDE e.V. To learn more about this scheme please click here.

To learn more about PinePhone KDE CE please read the original announcement.

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    AaBbCcDdEeFf says:

    Yes, I use mine with Verizon (I’m in Massachusetts). I just took my SIM card out of my other phone and put it in the PInePhone, it works fine.

    Perfect response. It’s so frustrating when people just share a link with no context. If you’re on a forum like this you’re probably smart enough to do a little bit of research first and if you can’t get to the exact answer you’re trying to find you then ask. Feedback that contains first hand experience is far better than looking at what apn or bands it works on in the docs..

    Got a little off course but thank you for this I now know how to respond to people who do that silly s***.

    I’ve already checked the wiki and didn’t see it. I’m wondering if the mnvo Simple Mobile (T-Mobile based) would work with this device? Thanks!

    I’m not a lawyer but I think that’s how eu law works. If you buy from member state you pay the vat for the country of origin, if it you buy from outside eu you pay vat for your country. Since you are in eu and they ship from eu the vat is included in the price, otherwise you would still have to pay tax (most likely on delivery) but it wouldn’t be included in the price.

    Actually it is worse (for the seller).
    The buyer has to pay the VAT from it’s country.
    Say I buy from Germany in the polish warehouse, I (the buyer) have to pay german VAT for it.
    So the seller (polish warehouse) has to declare the German VAT to me (german buyer)!
    Something is definitely going wrong here in this shop from a tax perspective!

    That’s not correct to me. VAT is EU taxes for outside EU incomes, say everything inside EU should not include VAT. Resellers from Poland should not pay or include VAT. Poland is part of EU.

    Lukasz Erecinski says:

    It is not coming from a reseller. The redistributing company is obliged to pay VAT locally.

    Yellow BoxFish says:

    I am interested but I won’t buy it because I live in Spain and don’t want to pay half of the price on taxes. It happens to me with the pinebook pro and it won’t happen to me again. Unless you change DHL.

    Lukasz Erecinski says:

    Regarding the refund: a software error (related to international shipping) caused incorrect shipping charges to be applied. We had to refund everyone who purchased within the first ~6-or-so hours from pre-orders opening.
    If you order now or within a few days, then this won’t affect when your PinePhone ships.
    Sorry about this.

    Yesterday’s tweet for reference: https://twitter.com/thepine64/status/1333846945551544324

    The price has also changed. Yesterday it was possible to choose between two types of shipping (Standard Shipping Method $11.99 and another with Express Courier).
    Now the only available shipping costs $19.99.
    VAT is also increased and the total price for me (Italy) is $270.58 instead of $257.98.
    It is not quite correct.

    Excuse me, I misunderstood. I don’t speak English very well.
    I didn’t realize that the problem was the wrong shipping costs.

    You should really include this explanation in mails to those who were refunded as not everyone checks social media.
    On a side note I’ve not received the refund mail yet and I’m in the range of affected orders. Should I contact the support or not all orders were handled yet and it’s fine to still wait?

    1. The taxes/shipping for Germany are generally high.
    2. In my case (Germany), the final step shows ‘no delivery options available for your location’. I’m in a big city in Germany, and I’d have expected shipping to be working..

    Lukasz Erecinski says:

    Please check that you only have the PinePhone in your basket and nothing else during checkout.
    You will only have to pay VAT (at EU interception point – warehouse in Poland).

    I think It will be more comfortable to avoid problems with shipping stuff and extra charge from above with cryptocurrency coupon discounts.

    In Europe, in most cases, goods over 50 Euro have VAT added to them, in my country the rate is 100Euro, but you pay extra 20% from 100 to 150Euro, and over 150 – 30%. Plus some companies include shipping cost to overall cost + shipping companies charge for border documentation processing.
    Make a “plus” with the bank fees on 2 stages.
    So it all looks very very bad.
    Right now, the full cost of goods can’t be completely transferred into crypto, you need an invoice for the current world, BUT discounts are all legal. We just have to find out a company, that will operate like Groupon or any other coupon sale company, but with crypto. Though using Groupon is also a way, but it can turn out to be a money loss – all depends from conditions.
    – Why so many discounts?
    – So many holidays!

    P.S. I’m waiting for this time to come too, cause I also sell goods abroad and this will also be a way for me and my customers to avoid modern financial slavery and rubbery 🙂

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