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Lukasz Erecinski Jan 17. 2021 45

Mobian Community Edition (CE) PinePhones are now available for pre-order in the Pine Store. This edition of the PinePhone ships with Mobian, a Debian-based Linux distribution tailored to run on smartphones. The project came to life on our platform and has now grown to become one of the community favorites.  

To learn more about the Mobian please visit the project’s website. To better understand the state of the software and what to expect when you get your unit, I encourage you to read the development team’s blog post on this subject matter. 

This community edition will ship in a custom presentation box designed by Mobian’s team, and the PinePhone itself will feature a Debian swirl logo on the back-cover (see renders for reference).

This PinePhone CE will be available in two hardware configurations:

  • $149 — 2GB RAM; 16GB eMMC
  • $199 — 3GB RAM; 32GB eMMC (includes a bundled USB-C dock)

Both configurations of the Mobian CE PinePhones feature rev. 1.2b of the PCBA. The $199 hardware variant, called convergence package, also includes a USB-C dock equipped with 10/100 Ethernet, 2x USB type A ports, HDMI digital video output and power-in via USB-C.

We will donate $10 per unit sold to Mobian. To learn more about this scheme please click here.

To learn more about PinePhone Mobian CE please read the original announcement.

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    Lukasz Erecinski says:

    Phones destined for European destinations are shipped via a proxy warehouse in the EU. All other regions are serviced from Hong Kong.

    When I try to pre-order this $199 version Pine-phone the shipping comes up “address not found” and then I am unable to place or complete the order. I was able to order the $149 version as long as no other items were in the cart the address I used before worked fine, but once another item like the UBS Docking part is added or comes with it, the address comes up “address not found”. So how can we order the $199 version is the address never shows up to complete the order…????

    wyglada jak by sprawa klawiatury była niewygodna i raptem pojawił się nowy news by tylko NIE ODPOWIADAĆ nic na temat klawiatury

    Red Pocket works for me. I got the SIM kit on eBay to see what would activate before buying a “plan”.
    I tried the CDMA (Verizon) SIM first & Red Pocket’s website told me that I would have to register the device as “3G only”.
    So I tried the GSMA (AT&T) which activated and gave me a new number. SMS, calls & 4G data all work without issue.
    The only quirk is that whenever I log into my Red Pocket account, I get 2 text messages repeatedly for few minutes:
    “You will receive your mobile settings shortly, please save data settings.” & “Your phone setting is being sent. If prompted accept it. If the phone as
    ks for a password enter .” Haven’t done any real research into what might be going on with this yet.
    I’m on Arch Linux ARM (ALARM).

    Is Red Pocket AT&T still working for you after AT&T enabled their whitelist on Jan 19? I’ve currently got a Cricket SIM, using the AT&T network as well, and Cricket refuses to activate my phone. I was considering swapping over to Red Pocket for exactly that reason, so it would be a little odd if Red Pocket on AT&T works but Cricket on AT&T doesn’t.

    Another Mouse says:

    In the Jan post you mentioned this will be the last community edition, what will happen afterwards? Pure pine branded phones? Or….?

    Hi, is this phone shipped from the US to Canada? I imagine the price is in USD so I’m trying to figure out how much it would cost (phone + shipping + custom) to get it to Montreal, QC. Is it compatible with Canadian carriers?

    I received mine (from canada). In canadian dollars all in I paid $321 (included currency conversion, shipping, and duty). The duty specifically was $30 cad

    That’s not a bad deal. Can I ask you for which province and which phone company? some of the comments report activation problems for certain carriers.

    Alberto says:

    Well, I guess that it would be hard to use 2GB as a PC (which is the purpose of convergence pack). You’re phone would be on fire.

    Hi, great stuff. Mobian with Convergence Package is out of stock. When do you expect it to be available for (pre-)ordering again?

    I guess I have the wrong link, as this link you mentioned DOES NOT have the Pinephone for sale, or even pre-order.
    PLEASE Send the correct link….thnx

    mayanja isaac says:

    hallo can i get a pinephone based on mobian in uganda east africa and how much are costs of shipping it

    One OS should be chosen to develop intensely to make it Android alternative and day to day usage compatible as early as possible. Mobian can be considered in this respect.

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