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Lukasz Erecinski Aug 23. 2021 5

First announced in the July community update, the DevZone is a project management system for PINE64 devices. It will allow us to have a better overview of ongoing software development, streamline the product prototyping processes and keep track of suggested hardware changes. It is also a way for us to get an up-to-date survey of our developer-pool, including each developer’s core competences and availability. We believe that the introduction of this system will facilitate cooperation and accelerate the process of bringing new devices to the market. 

Earlier this month we launched DevZone for testing in a very limited capacity. We made the decision that the best way to put the system through its paces is to actually use it in one of our ongoing projects: the pilot project chosen for this purpose is the recently introduced PineNote. But this is just the beginning. In the coming weeks and months we will be gradually opening up the DevZone to a wider number of community contributors and partner project developers. We have an extensive backlog of applications and we keep on receiving new ones, so it will take time before successful applicants get assigned to ongoing projects. 

We believe that the DevZone will grow to be more than just a useful tool – as we see it, the DevZone will become a staple of our development community. If you’re interested in participating in the DevZone then we urge you to read the July community update’s housekeeping section for more details and submit your application. If you are granted a recognized developer status, a password (re)set link will be emailed to you, at which point you will be able to access the system. After filling in your profile details, an admin will assign you to one or more projects.

I am looking forward to seeing many of our active contributors on the DevZone. 

The DevZone can be accessed from the widget at the bottom of this page

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    Fantastic, I was just thinking about how I wanted to see more organization around Pine development! I am eagerly awaiting my Quartz64 and will be joining the #pinenote development team just as soon as y’all can get some more prototypes on the marketplace!

    please add more poll (questionnaire) on www
    4ex ‘do You need mechanical keyboard with open source firmware’
    how many gpio You need
    what not working on pinebook (sleep ;( etc)

    I wonder how many applied for the devzone and how many got accepted.

    I applied for the devzone 2 months ago. Sadly I did not get accepted. Knowing the acceptance rate might make me feel better. 🙂

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