Quick update: What’s going on?

Marek Kraus Aug 12. 2023 7

Welcome to our long-awaited community post, where we aim to address the most commonly asked question while also unveiling some more news. Let’s get started!

Why hasn’t there been a community update for the past few months? Is PINE64 dead?

As you may have noticed, there haven’t been any community updates as of late, and we are sorry for the prolonged silence.
This isn’t because the community hasn’t been busy, quite the opposite is true.
Instead, the problem is that the usual community update authors are too busy with their daily jobs and other tasks around the community.
Although thanks to some community members who have shown interest to participate, we are working on a new community update and we hope we will publish it soon!

Pine Store now accepts payments in cryptocurrency.

The community has consistently expressed interest in paying on the Pine Store with cryptocurrency, and despite several previous attempts to find a suitable crypto payment service, the process has proven challenging, leading to eventual failure. However, we are happy to announce that Pine Store now facilitates payments using USD Coin cryptocurrency via Coinbase!

Talk to us at our upcoming community meetup in Warsaw!

We always attempt to meet in person at least twice a year. For reasons that ought to be obvious to everyone, this wasn’t possible these past few years, but now that travel is once again viable we’re returning to a bi-annual meetup schedule. We always meet at FOSDEM in February followed by a meeting halfway through the calendar year. While FOSDEM primarily serves the function of interacting with the broader Linux community and members of other projects as well as product announcements, the second yearly meetup aims at evaluating the project’s progress, identifying issues, and creating a roadmap for the coming months. This year we’re holding the second meetup in Warsaw. TL, Ayufan, Lukasz, and I will be having lunch in Hala Gwardii on Sunday, August 20th at noon. The place offers a wide variety of foods from around the world and is a short walk from Ratusz ArsenaƂ metro station. You can also reach the place easily from every corner of Warsaw via all the public transport the city has to offer. So if you’re in Warsaw or can travel to see us on this date, then consider yourself invited. We’ll be keeping an eye on the #offtopic chat on the 19th so let us know when you’ve arrived and one of us will let you know where we’re sitting. Looking forward to seeing you there!

That’s all for this quick update about what is going on. I hope that we will see you soon on the next community update!

(Big thanks to CounterPillow, Funeral, Lukasz, JF002, Ralimtek, CarbonatedCaffeine, and MPReDiToR for help with this and future updates!)

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    Well, that’s a little funny. I replied negatively to the news of your crypto payment option in the Telegram news channel, and was immediately banned by the bot. I hope that’s just an over-enthusiastic bot assuming everyone who says ‘crypto’ is a spammer, rather than knowing suppression of negative feedback.

    Marek Kraus says:

    Sorry, Rose banned you because it sadly triggered it’s anti spam system. I will try to unblock you as soon as possible. Feel free to tell your opinion here or on another platforms.

    Frank GRAHAME Drew says:

    I would love some help in reinstalling the O.S. on my pine phone. Initial attempts to gain help through the forum and discord were hopeless, so I gave up, but maybe there can be a serious attempt to improve on what is there on Wiki and perhaps someone prepared to give some specific help?

    Marek Kraus says:

    Sorry to hear that. Due to timezone differences, it is sometimes hard to get help on community channels + everyone is in their free time helping, there are not Pine Store employees. Please also note that re-installing is not that easy process, and requires some tinkering, skill, and tools, although, many people even beginners were able to do it thanks to information on wiki and other sources. I recommend trying JumpDrive.

    download jumpdrive image from https://github.com/dreemurrs-embedded/Jumpdrive/releases/download/0.8/pine64-pinephone.img.xz
    insert a microsdcard into a card reader in your computer or I think I can vaguely remember using another pinephone before
    I then used Gnome Disks (apt install gnome-disk-utility or browse synaptic package manager on X, or Muon on Wayland if it still works)
    click on the 3dot menu, select the sdcard, select Restore Disk Image, select the jumpdrive image and have at it, I don’t think you even have to decompress it first.
    Boot the pinephone from the sdcard and follow the install instructions onscreen. This install should survive subsequent operating system installs.
    Repeat the process for your operating system image of choice, you may need to decompress first if it’s incompatible with Gnome Disks.
    I hope I remembered that correctly, if it’s garbage someone please say so.

    Hi, PinePhone Newbie Here – Looking for advice on initial product I should purchase (since some have shipping delays to USA). I have Linux, Python, C, etc skills and hope to do some app development / support and help out the community if able. Can you please suggest best path for getting equipped and started as a smartdevice / desktop app dev and tinkerer? My core interests: data privacy and FAANG-alternative offerings. Thanks!

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