Getting Started – PINE64 Installerexternal link

PINE64 Installer (Windows 7/8/10)download
PINE64 Installer (Linux x64 64-bit)download
PINE64 Installer (Linux x86 32-bit)download
PINE64 Installer (OS X)download

SOPINE A64 Compute Module Schematicic-doc
SOPINE Baseboard “Model A” Schematicic-doc
SOPINE A64 Pin Assignmentsic-doc
Datasheetsexternal link

Etcher (Linux/Windows/Mac) – Burn images to SD cards & USB drives, safe & easy.ic-doc
Win32 Disk Imageric-doc
Allwinner PhoenixCard Bootable SD-Card Creatoric-doc
Allwinner DragonFace V2.2.5 software that will let you edit and modify A64 Android Build PhoenixCard imageic-doc
Putty (Serial/Telnet/SSH) Terminal)ic-doc