Once Upon A Time…

Technology is growing.

We set out to create a 64-bit single board computer (SBC)– smart, powerful, green, and affordable. As affordable as the double Big Mac combo meals you had last night with your friend. By creating the world’s first affordable 64-bit single board computer, we’ve made your dreams to build the next invention possible. PINE64 comes from the combination of two constant variables – Pi and Euler’s Number e and 64 comes from our 64-Bit computing power.

The PINE64 can be loaded with the latest Android software built in, or you can upload the latest version of Linux, BSD, Android and others open source OS builds.

Build your own power saving server cluster, personal computer, 3D Printer control board, retro video game console, media server, media player, robotics project, connected home gateway, and more… Run apps immediately out of the box such as Plex Server, Minecraft, office productive software, or add a camera and run Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

PINE64 is simple, affordable, and expandable. Make it yours – share your creations by uploading photos and tag #thepine64. We’re working on additional add-ons in the IoT industry and enabling other devices to work with PINE64.

Besides being powerful, PINE64 is very green and energy saving. The energy consumed by one incandescent bulb can runs two PINE64 built computer servers. Just imagine the potential of using PINE64 to build a computer server farm that runs on solar power during the day and batteries at night.

Decades Of Experience Into Open Source Platform.

Open is Everything.

The PINE64 platform embraces open source concept. We provide you with a powerful single board computer – at an exceptional price. By being compatible with multiple open source software on the market, we’re able to build a community where the sky is the limit. Software applications include but are not limited to Android, Remix, Windows IoT, Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, openHAB, and more.