A Linux-only smartphone developed in cooperation with the community for the community.

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Pinebook Pro

An open source 64-Bit Arm Chromebook alternative for work, school and play.

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An open source smartwatch, the perfect companion for the PinePhone.

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A Linux tablet, running multiple operating systems with an optional keyboard.

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Holds up-to 7 SOPine or SOEdge AI modules.

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A RISC-V soldering iron running open firmware - your next project companion.

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An open source IP camera running mainline Linux, for projects and keeping private things truly private.

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What will you make?

Regardless of if you want to sequence DNA, build a robot or kill space invaders, we’ve got you covered. That said, some boards are better suited for some applications than others. The level and degree of support for your specific application may also differ depending on the hardware. It is therefore important that you make an educated decision prior to your purchase, so make sure to read about the board(s) you are thinking about and check out the respective Wiki page in detail.

If you’re uncertain which board or module to choose, make sure to drop by our IRC or Discord channels – someone will promptly help you make the right decision.

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