August Update: London Meetup, PineTab News, SOEdge and More!

PineTab development prototype July has been a busy month for all members of the PINE64 project. Between the updates to various systems, preparation of Pinebook Pro pre-orders and the subsequent launch, shipping of PineTab development kits as well as production of the PinePhone prototype, there has been little to no downtime. To this end I […]

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July Update: All about the Pinebook Pro

As I’ve mentioned in last month’s update post, the PinePhone prototypes are currently being manufactured (due in August) and the PineTab dev kits are rolling off the factory line to be shipped out to developers. With both the PinePhone and PineTab currently in-transition to their respective next development stages, I’ll devote this month’s update solely […]

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Taking RetroEmulation to the next level with RockPro64 and Roshambo

Retro Emulation is all the rage these days. What’s old is now new again. Game Emulation has been around for awhile, but the recent resurgance into making mini consoles spearheaded by the release of the NES Classic has opened up new possibilities for making our own NES or SNES classic’s. Now Roshambo has released their […]

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