PinePhones Start Shipping – All You Need To Know

Welcome to 2020. I expect this will be a productive year and one of exponential growth for our community. It was a busy beginning to the year and I expect that the pace will remain high with shipments of the Pinebook Pro and PinePhone Braveheart edition as well as FOSDEM announcements. Following this period there […]

Lukasz Erecinski Jan 15. 2020 74

December Update: Thank You For 2019!

Welcome to the last community update of the year. I think that 2019 will be remembered as the year PINE64 transitioned from being a relatively niche FOSS hardware project to a mainstream one. This transition is an exciting prospect for all of us involved with PINE64, and we cannot wait to see how the project […]

Lukasz Erecinski Dec 5. 2019 86

November Update: Brave Heart, Pinebook Pro reception and more

Our core focus for the past month was on getting the manufacturing process and shipping of the Pinebook Pro, PinePhone and PineTime development kits back on track. I will not reiterate the events that led to the delays of those devices in this post, but if you’re interested then read the detailed account of what […]

Lukasz Erecinski Nov 5. 2019 148

October Update: PineTime, Delays and Shipping News

This month’s update will be slightly shorter than usual – I have been dealing with some health issues recently, which significantly reduced my time to actively engage with the community. Hopefully I’ll make it up to you in November.  September has been a bitter-sweet month for us. On the one hand, we’ve seen a lot […]

Lukasz Erecinski Oct 5. 2019 75

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