Low Cost, Low power & High Integration

PADI IoT Stamp is a highly integrated, single-chip, low power WiFi controller with built-in antenna. The stamp combines an ARM Cortex M3, integrated Flash and RAM, WLAN MAC, WLAN baseband, RF balun, PA, LNA receiver, saw filter and power management module. Designs for makers with high speed SPI/I2C/UART interfaces for IoT applications with minimum Printed Circuit Board (PCB) area requirement. The PADI IoT Stamp is even smaller than a US stamp size.

PADI IoT Stamp suitable for standalone system or act as slave device.When use as slave device, it has full function AT commands set for host computer to fully utilize WiFi protocol functionality.

  • Size: 24 mm x 16 mm x 0.8 mm 
  • Realtek RTL8710AF  ARM Cortex M3 (83 MHz)

  • 1MB SPI Flash
  • I2C Up-to  4
  • GPIO U to 1 (3.4 Mbps)
  • WiFi Standard 802.11 b/g/n
  • OS: FreeRTOS, ARM® mbed™ (future planning)
  • Development tools: IAR, openOCD, J-Link

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Further resources and documentation about this device can be found on PINE64 Wiki page.

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