Built-in antenna

Pineseed BL602 SoC

2MB Flash

3.3V-3.6V input power

PineNut, an Attempt to Open Source WiFi and BLE module for PINE64 devices

The Pinenut-01S module offers a complete and self-contained Wi-Fi and BLE networking solution, allowing it to either host the application or to offload all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networking functions to another application processor. We are actively working together with the PINE64 community to open source as much as possible of the WiFi and BLE stack of the PineNut. In time, we hope to use the PineNut as base for open Wifi implementations in our flagship devices.

Further resources and documentation about this device can be found on PINE64 Wiki page.

Full specifications

  • Built-in antenna
  • Powered by Pineseed BL602 SoC
  • 32-bit RV32IMAFC RISC-V “SiFive E24 Core”
  • 2MB Flash Size
  • Serial/UART baud rate: 115200 bps
  • Input power: 3.3V
  • I/O voltage tolerance: 3.6V Max
  • Eight pin interface, VCC-3V3, GND, RST TXD and RXD. Three extra GPIOs can be used for ADC, PWM, i2C, or UART functions
  • Three built-in LEDs for output and one push button input
  • Dimensions: 14.3 x 24.8mm

Built-In Antenna

Use the PineNut for a robotics project.

Pineseed BL602 SoC

Powered by a Pineseed RISC-V BL602 SoC

Power Tolerance

Input power tolerance range of 3.3V-3.6V

GPIO Interface

Plenty of I/O to allow for greater functionality in your project

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