Open-source operating systems

1.3 inch IPS capacitive touchscreen

Week-long battery life

Bluetooth 5 and BLE

Heart rate sensor

Step counting

An Open Source Smartwatch For Your Favorite Devices. Low Cost, High Fidelity.

The PineTime is a free and open source smartwatch capable of running custom-built open operating systems. Some of the notable features include a heart rate monitor, a week-long battery, and a capacitive touch IPS display that is legible in direct sunlight. It is a fully community driven side-project which anyone can contribute to, allowing you to keep control of your device.

We envision the PineTime as a companion for not only your PinePhone but also for your favorite devices — any phone, tablet, or even PC. In its current state the PineTime ships with a community firmware called Infinitime, which works with Linux computers and phones, Windows machines, and Android devices. IOS support is currently being looked into for Infinitime.

Further resources and documentation about this device can be found on PINE64 Wiki page.

Full specifications

  • Square 1.3-inch 240×240 IPS capacitive touch display
  • Software: Any open-source operating systems built on top of numerous RTOSes
  • SoC: Low-power Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832
    • 64 MHz + Floating Point
  • 4 MB of User Storage
    • 0.5 MB of OS Storage
  • Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Compatible with almost any device
    • Over-the-air update
  • Health Tracking
    • Step Counting (with Accelerometer)
    • Heart Rate Detection
  • Notification access
    • Wrist vibration
    • Quick glance via lift-to-wake.
  • All-week 180 mAh battery
    • 2-pin USB charging dock
  • Solid build
    • Dimensions: 37.5mm x 40mm x 11mm
    • Weight: 38 grams
    • Made with Zinc Alloy and Plastic
    • Dustproof and water-resistant up to 1m (Rated at IP67)

IPS touch display

The PineTime includes a color IPS capacitive touch display

Dustproof And Water Resistant

The PineTime comes with a IP67 rating, meaning that it can handle up to one meter of water and is fully dust proof

Bluetooth 5

With Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy, the PineTime can pair to other devices

Heartrate And Step Counting

With a built-in accelerometer and heart-rate sensor, the PineTime can help you keep track of your health

PineTime Content

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