In Episode 13, Peter and Ezra discuss the PINE64 July Community Update and go through more Community Questions than ever before! There’s also something fun and it ends with a bang!

What have we been up to?

App of the Episode: Image Roll

Community News

PINE64 July community update

Housekeeping: PINE64 development portal


PinePhone: Hardware

PinePhone: Software



Make sure to read the full update

Community engagement 😀

Listener Questions

Status of Quartz64 Model B

RockPro64 upgrade and eDP status

China, Open Harmony OS and plans for PP Pro

Current state of PinePhone distributions

Hypothetical Sxmo Distributions

Background of PINE64

Stepping downs

More Feedback and Questions welcome!

Remember: This is a community podcast, so please leave feedback on what should be done better, get your suggestion’s in and feel free to ask questions!

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Intro and Outro Music

Music by Bradley (PixelPaintbrush) Ames

Exclusive Intro/Outro written and edited by Ezra Hradecky


Ezra played by Ezra
Peter played by Peter
FAANG played by Peter
FAANG’s minion played by Peter


raising evilOleg Makarov
Cybernetic RhythmMichael-K
The Road Adventures83Crutch
In Dark Trillersoundside (royalty free music)
Rejuvenation – Full Lengthpinegroove

Audio Production

Thank you to NerdZoom Media for being PineTalk’s audio producers!

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