July update: community developers portal

This month’s big news isn’t a piece of hardware or software but rather an upcoming platform aimed at community developers called the PINE64 DevZone. But fret not, I also have a number of hardware news to report – including a new LoRa device called PineDio Stack – as well as an overview of the software […]

Lukasz Erecinski Jul 15. 2021 26

012: Privacy and Security with RTP

In the twelfth episode of PineTalk, Ezra and Peter are joined by RTP to talk privacy and security. They also discuss community news: Pineroot, accelerated video playback on PinePhone and an example for a Lora communicator. The episode concludes with feedback regarding Signal Desktop on PinePhone and two hardware-centric questions.

linmob Jul 4. 2021 0

June update: new hardware and more on the way

I’d like to start by giving you all a quick heads-up: next month I am away on vacation (first one since early 2020), which means that next month’s update will either be very short or split into multiple posts. If I write up a longer post then I may not publish it on the 15th […]

Lukasz Erecinski Jun 15. 2021 54

010: Man of Many Apps

In the first 2-digit episode of PineTalk, Ezra and Peter are happy to interview Martijn Braam, whom you may know of his involvement with postmarketOS, the many apps he develops or his videos and blog posts. They also present some homework and discuss community feedback and questions.

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009: Eventful No. 9

In this episode Peter and Ezra discuss two conferences happened recently, the May PINE64 Community Update, some more community news. They also answer four community questions and ask kindly for more. One more thing: Please ask question or submit feedback for us to discuss! It's not only appreciated, it's necessary to keep this show going.

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May Update: Connection Established

Let me start by welcoming the newcomers! If you are a new Pinebook Pro or PinePhone BE owner, make sure to pop by the chat or the forum and say hello to the community.    A quick note before we get into it: we have narrowed the width of the blogpost pages, thereby hopefully making […]

Lukasz Erecinski May 15. 2021 50

008: After √64 (O’Clock)

In the eighth episode of PineTalk, Ezra and Peter discuss news on the PinePhone keyboard accessory, InfiniTime 1.0, Plasma Mobile progress, Megapixels 1.0 and answer three community questions. They also share their minty-fresh first impressions on Pine-y wrist-wear.

linmob May 8. 2021 0

007: My Name is 64 … PINE64

In the seventh episode of PineTalk, the special treat is placed at the end of the episode: An interview with Danct12, creator of a the Arch Linux ARM Spin for PinePhone and PineTab. Before that, Ezra and Peter discuss Feedback, two aspects of the PINE64 April Community Update, and get two answer four (!) PinePhone centric listener questions as the Beta Edition is starting to arrive in peoples hands.

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April Update: New Developments

Before we start, I’d like to acknowledge that this community update was written collaboratively, with contributions from 7 developers. I hope that moving forward we maintain this dynamic and more developers, as well as community members, partake in the write-up process. If you’d like to participate in the next update then please make sure to […]

Lukasz Erecinski Apr 15. 2021 42

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