011: Lounging with Linux Lounge

In this eleventh episode Ezra and Peter discuss the June Community Update and interview content creator Linux Lounge! They also discuss (your) community feedback and questions!

linmob Jun 18. 2021 0

010: Man of Many Apps

In the first 2-digit episode of PineTalk, Ezra and Peter are happy to interview Martijn Braam, whom you may know of his involvement with postmarketOS, the many apps he develops or his videos and blog posts. They also present some homework and discuss community feedback and questions.

linmob Jun 4. 2021 0

006: Pine for You

In this sixth episode, Ezra and Peter talk about the next generation ARM architecture, good news around GTK4 and postmarketOS plus more PINE64 community news. They also discuss a community question (more required!) and "Do you want Linux Phones?"

linmob Apr 10. 2021 0

005: Marching on

In the fifth episode of PineTalk, Ezra and Peter discuss a few aspects of the latest Community Update, PineCube news, the component shortage and answer a few of your questions.

linmob Mar 26. 2021 0

004: GPU-o-Rama

In the fourth episode of PineTalk, Ezra and Peter discuss some industry and community news, go through your favourite answers to their question and answer a few of your questions, some of them (spoiler!) GPU related. Remember: This is a community podcast, so please leave feedback on what we should do better, get your suggestion's in and feel free to ask questions!

linmob Mar 12. 2021 0

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